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About Us

A few top agents of Beach Bum Vacation and philanthropic thinking volunteers recently launched Beach Bum CARES Inc. Beach Bum CARES Inc. mission is to provide children & their families aid, relief, & educational supplies. This effort will be concentrated in the destinations that our clients travel to.

Owner of Beach Bum Vacation, Hayley Whorrall, stated "this is a unique and fantastic opportunity for Beach Bum Vacation to give back to the communities that provide our clients and us amazing destinations to visit".

Beach Bum CARES Inc. vice president, Lisa Zwissler, says she is extremely excited to work with like minded individuals to help give children a better and more optimistic start in life. Lisa states further, "Our world becomes smaller each day, and it is our responsibility to help those in need."

Beach Bum CARES Inc. will provide opportunities for anyone to deliver aid and educational supplies to schools and organizations in the destinations in which they are traveling. What a unique experience to have while on vacation!


Our Mission

Beach Bum CARES Inc. mission is to provide Children and their families Aid, Relief, and Educational Supplies.

Pledge Funds

Help us raise funds to provide aid, relief and/or educational supplies to our partner schools or organizations. You can make a secure donation via Paypal.

Our Vision

Beach Bum CARES Inc. will change the world one person at a time by targeting areas with a lower socio-economic status in the Caribbean and Mexico, determining specific needs of the children and their families, and delivering these goods resulting in measurable improvement in graduation rates and the percentage of students pursuing employment and/or higher education, thereby improving the overall economy of the community.

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