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Lisa Zwissler

Vice President & Board Member

I was raised in a home where giving back to others was a given. We were taught that giving back and sharing our gifts and talents is part of what makes life worth living. These values were instilled through my Catholic education. After graduating from Ball State University, I worked as a marketing coordinator and then as a high school teacher. I found my niche when I was hired as a certified travel concierge for Beach Bum Vacation.

Traveling is a passion of mine. We have a rare opportunity as travel agents to visit destinations that offer luxurious accommodations to those who have, yet right next door are those who do not have. I believe it is our responsibility to help those in need in any way we can. Responsible tourism is a must in today’s world, and with Beach Bum Vacation’s integrity as a company already, it is only natural that we lead the way in responsible tourism and charity as well. I believe my entire life has led me to this opportunity.

My experiences growing up involved in school, church, and other youth activities in leadership roles gave me a strong sense of what this world needed and what I can do to help, as well as the leadership and organizational basic skills that are necessary for this line of work. In my adult life, I taught teens in low income areas that were drastically in need of the life necessities, let alone school supplies. This was an eye opening experience that provided opportunities for me to help those in our local community, not just in providing “things” but my position enabled me to help their well being, confidence, and self worth. Now that I have two children of my own, I find it even more important to give back as I want to make sure my own children learn the value of helping others. I am truly honored at this opportunity and will do everything I can to ensure that the Beach Bum CARES is a true success.

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