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Robert Whorrall

Board Member & Marketing and PR Director

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Went to college at the Nova Scotia Institute of Technology where I received my Electrical Engineering Diploma after I served 6 years as a unionized Electrician. I worked for companies like Lewis Engineering, Exxon/Mobil, United States Gypsum, Sable Offshore Energy Project, Black & MacDonald, Hiram Walker Canadian Club Whisky. I’m presently the Director of Sales & Marketing at Beach Bum Vacation Inc.

I love helping others - I have given my time and energy to many volunteer projects and groups such as; D.A.D. -Dads against Diabetes, C.A.D. - Community against Drugs, United Way, and the Ethan Michael Smith Foundation – just to name a few. I believe in my heart in soul that you give back to your community and people on this earth. I believe in helping others whether it’s assisting another person across the road, stopping to see if someone is alright when parked on the side of the road or spending time with a child that may need someone – whatever the case.

Beach Bum CARES is a passion of mine to get more help for others in the world that are not as fortunate. I feel so honored & blessed with this opportunity to be a part of the Beach Bum CARES volunteer team. I look forward to doing whatever it takes to be a part of making for a better tomorrow.

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