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Hayley Whorrall

Board Member & Social Butterfly

My name is Hayley Ann Whorrall & I’m a giver! I love to give; I’ve been told it’s my best attribute & my biggest fault. Its’ no “fault” when my heart breaks for young, & old eyes alike, filled with hope, & smiles as wide as the Caribbean Sea endlessly rippling with possibilities for a better tomorrow.

Born a “Beach Bum” in January, 1975 to becoming President of Beach Bum Vacation in February, 2000; it became very apparent to me that I had the ability to combine my desire to give with passion for travel. Not only was it apparent to me but compelling. For years during travels to third world nations I found myself departing each time with a fulfilled business mind but yet an achy, empty heart. I began writing checks more than once a month to several different organizations in hopes of making a little bit of difference to someone, somewhere & then… the light bulb; why not a foundation of our own?!

With the combined efforts of an amazing group of team mates & friends who feel exactly the same way; I KNOW we can make a tremendous difference to so many lives.

I feel so honored, privileged & blessed with the opportunities bestowed upon me in life, health, & business. I look forward to sharing, caring, giving, & doing whatever else I can to be a part of making for a better tomorrow for many who aren’t as fortunate.

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